Day 9 Inspirations

Dear AALL & Create Followers

I hope you are all staying sane and safe and finding fun in your days.

We are hearing about the things that many of you are doing to fill the extra time that so many people have at home right now. After this period is over there will be lots of beautifully redecorated houses while gardens around the world will never have looked so good! People are also learning to cook new things, including many people baking their own bread.

For our followers, crafting and creating art is bound to be high up on that list and in this time of trying new things some of you are stretching and challenging yourselves and attempting new techniques and new kinds of project that you haven't undertaken before. We hope you are enjoying these learning experiences and getting some great results! We also hope that our Lives, tutorials and other forms of inspiration are helping to give you ideas and impetus.

If working with AALL & Create products is helping to inspire you then all the better! And there are products being posted out all the time to keep you all busy! (Thank you all the workers of Royal Mail!) So don't hold back if you have made something fabulous - we always love it when you share!