Day 4 Inspirations

Dear AALL & Create Followers I hope you are all staying safe and well at this time. The American artist Bruce Garrabrandt once said: "Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment; it fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." We would like to add to that that sometimes extra-ordinary moments and situations, like our current circumstances, can fashion a space for creativity to flourish. Indeed that creative space can be something important to help us through these unusual times. But whatever the situation, when you are engrossed in creating it is always a perfect moment. So we have another day of inspirations and another tutorial for you. We do hope that you will enjoy these o

Day 3 Inspirations - Lets create together!

Dear AALL & Create Followers Today we are musing on the theme of home. The walls that confine us during this time of lock down are also the ones that keep us warm and protected, and hold our families and possessions - all the people and things that we hold dear. But at this time when we can't see friends and family who live between other walls we are finding new ways to keep in touch and stay connected. Who would have thought that going for a drink with friends via video would become so popular! It is also a time when we can take pleasure in sharing our creative pursuits online with pictures and videos so we are continuing to deliver these inspirations to your inbox. Our Lives are contin

More Inspiration to Keep You Company

Dear AALL & Create Followers It's day two of our series of blog posts to keep you company throughout the national slow down. I hope you have had a good day and have all you need with you. These are extraordinary and concerning times but it is heartening to see how people are stepping up to help each other and many of you will have witnessed or participated in the moving cheering and applause for our key workers n Thursday. Today we have some more artistic inspiration for you and another super tutorial so do see what we have for you below. We hope you enjoy it and it fires up your enthusiasm for your own creative endeavours. We are grateful to all of the AALL & Create family working for our c

Free Tutorial to Inspire You

Dear AALL & Create Followers I hope you are all managing to stay well, both in body and mind! We know that many of you are on lockdown or self-isolating because of the current Covid-19 pandemic and that it is a difficult time for many people, full of challenges and worries. We want to help you all to stay as positive as possible and every cloud has its silver lining, so here at AALL & Create we are trying to see the positive side of the situation. We are lucky as crafters and artists to have our hobbies and creative passions to sustain us in this time. Not only do we have something enjoyable to do with the time but also we can appreciate having time set aside that can be used to create. Over

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