Get Creative & Win Prizes

Hello lovely AALL & Create fanatics,

We hope you have had a good week and that you have a great weekend to come!

We always love seeing all your posts and interactions in the AALL & Create Fanatics group and elsewhere. It is always a delight to see the fabulous creations made by members of the group and to hear about how you made them, especially when they are inspired by seeing our products and the creations of our design team.

So we wanted to challenge you to get creative! Who is up for a challenge?

Our very own Abs (Autour de Mwa) created these two pieces and based a demo on them recently on two of our Hochanda TV shows. We received so many emails and messages commenting on these projects from people who were inspired, so we had the idea to reshare the shows and see who was inspired enough to rise to a challenge and create their own projects based on the techniques used.

Link show 1

Link show 2

Breaking out of the same old square shapes to use a circular format can be very freeing and challenges you to think differently about your composition, while the collage techniques give a sense of richness and complexity that draws you in. Differing tones, levels of intensity and finishes in the colours that you use can give them a marvellous vibrancy. We hope you enjoy learning more about these projects and that you will be inspired by one or more elements of them to undertake your own project.

To help you on your way here is a message from Abs;

"Sometimes when I create a project my starting point can be all the small details that I love from the stamps I want to work with. These can inspire you and give you ideas about how you want to bring them together, all the while I keep in mind the story I want to tell, whether there is a direct message there or a more abstract feeling or emotion. Then I have to combine the key elements of strong imagery, colours that work together, texture, dimension and depth that build on the background and lift the project to give it life."


Do you want to take part and challenge yourself? If you do then here are the requirements for entering the challenge:

1- Take inspiration from the projects

2- Use a circular format

3- Your projects should include AALL & Create products

When you are finished please share them on the AALL & Create Fanatics group in order to enter our special challenge!

(If you are not on social media please email us your project at

If you want to share them in your own social media feeds as well then please feel free to use the hashtag #craftwithaallandcreate so we can use it as a gallery of inspirations.

You have until October 17th (the release date of our new autumn collection!) to enter, then afterwards we will pick the winners who will win products from the new AALL & Create autumn new collection!

- First prize - the entire new AALL & Create Autumn 2019 Collection! (A total of 37 stamp sets worth £480)

- Second prize - your choice of TEN products from the new collection

- Third prize - your choice of FIVE products from the new collection

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your project - after all, you've got to be in it to win it!

What if you would like to enter but you don't have many (or any!) AALL & Create products?

If so then we have some good news for you!

We are offering a helping hand to stock up on our products with a 20% PRICE DROP in our online shop for this weekend only! Head over to

and make your orders before 23.59 hours on Monday 30th September to benefit from the discount.

In order to benefit from this offer please use the discount code CHALLENGE at the checkout.

Good luck to you all. We can't wait to see what you make!

The AALL & Create Team

Your Crafting Gurus

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