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September 8th, 2017

Challenge 5 - America!


It’s time for the last stop-off on our round-the-world tour; get ready for a warm welcome to The Americas!






...Celebrate the colors of the Americas!



Marking the confluence between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which border the east and west coasts, the twin continents of North and South America stretch from the Arctic circle down to Cape Horn. With a combined surface area of over 42 million square kilometers, the Americas are often referred to as part of the New World, as opposed to the ‘old continent’ of Europe.


Let’s start out by traveling through Alaska, the most expansive of the fifty states of the USA with its 664 GLACIERS, then on to New York, the BIG Apple, one of the most important cities in North America. Here, in the buildings of Wall Street, MONEY is king and American dollars hold a huge sway over world commerce, the media, art, technology, education, and leisure…


In South America, you can discover myriad shades of GREEN among the 390 billion trees and 16,000 different species that make up the Amazon Rainforest, the lungs of the earth and the largest tropical forest in the world which extends across nine countries with its largest area in Brazil. When you arrive there get out your best bling, sequins, and spangles and join the parade for the Carnival, dance along to the bouncing rhythms of the Batucada, try out a few moves to the SAMBA, the traditional dance which originated in the favela neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 20th Century.


In the heat of the night, you might glimpse the ghost of a brave warrior wearing FEATHERSPEARLSAND ANIMALS SKINS and hear him tell stories of the first INHABITANTS of these continents who inspired feelings of independence, freedom, and prosperity to many adventurers.


Your project can use any format or techniques, but you should draw inspiration from the images below and should include at least one of the following elements;



  • Shades of green

  • Something transparent or sharp, like ice

  • A large format feature, XXL size

  • An element suggestive of money and currency

  • One or more elements inspired by music and/or Samba

  • Decorations made of feathers, metal, leather…


Go CRAZY and treat yourself to some fun: you don't have to include all the suggested elements in the instructions, but why not have some fun seeing how many you can fit in. The more the merrier!



Our jury will also be taking into account - your designs, techniques, how you have expressed the themes... They will be looking for originality and will be keeping an eye out for any individual outstanding creations for special awards.


You also have the chance of earning some bonus points;


Get some inspiration by taking a look at the fabulous work of the artists from our America group; Kassa, Lisa, Sharon and Terhi!

Kassa Hayselden - Spread

Today I've brought you a little splash of color to brighten your day, it's a 12" x 18" spread with various, exciting vibrant colored layers, sandwiched between the lush layers are 35 journo stylee feathers, 1 feather for each capital of the Americas. The hot and cool tone colors dance and bounce round the page, the gold paint adds sparkle, foils shine brightly catching your eye and the micro beads and texture paste add the perfect amount of texture in mini doses. The feathers are a pleasure to create and easy peasy... 

Lisa Oxley - Canvas

Dream Catchers are a recurring theme in my world, and for a few years now, I have been creating them on paper or canvases, 

so when the I found out the theme was America, my creative heart went to the native people and their universally identifiable symbolic image . 

But America is so much more and when I see a dream catcher and I think of America , I hear the words of Martin Luther Kings’ iconic speech

“I have a Dream”, and that fills me with peace, hope and mojo flow

Sharon Laakkonen - tag

Being fearless is really the most basic tenet of freedom that one can experience. Fearless to try new things, go where one has never gone before, listen to those you disagree with, learn from it all. That is what epitomizes the Americas to me...the freedom to be different, to be diverse in cultures, foods, language, thoughts, skin colors, customs, music, clothing, and so much more. To take all of the Americas and wrap them up in one little project seemed difficult to do! Where does one start? I took a few memories of my visits to South America and blended them with my experiences of living and traveling in North America.

Terhi Koskinen - layout

With this layout, I want to show you a couple of ways of using mixed media for a clean and fresh scrapbook layout. You can always use tons of medias for covering the whole page, but sometimes it is nice to go with the neat way and add it just here and there to highlight the photograph.

If you are taking part you will need to;

  • Create a piece of artwork following the theme and instructions for the challenge.

  • Post your work on the AALL & Create Fanatics Facebook group in the Challenge 5 The Americas album. Please note that only work posted in the correct albums will be eligible for inclusion.

  • Anyone who does not have a Facebook account but who still wants to take part can do so by posting their work on their own blog or website and emailing the link to or just by mailing us the image of the work.

  • Post your work on your own social networking account pages and/or blogs along with the link for the challenge and the hashtags #itac17 #itac17challenge5 #aallandcreate



There’s only ONE deadline: September 24th, 2017 End of our international tournament.



- Kassa has made a detailed tutorial outlining her project.




-  You can also check out the tutorial from Lisa and the step-by-step guide of her project.

-  You can also check out the tutorial from Sharon showing all the stages of the creation of her project.

-  Terhi has shared her tips and advice in a video and accompanying document.

BUT that’s not all; we said that we would have some more surprises in store for everyone and after seeing the overwhelming enthusiasm last week we wanted to arrange some more giveaways;



- This week the AALL & Create team is giving you a chance to win a stencil from a choice of five designs in our collection.


- Also this week the AALL & Create team is giving away access to your choice of our online workshops (GIVEAWAY HERE)

- Also this week the AALL & Create team is giving away access to your choice of our online workshops (GIVEAWAY HERE)

Have fun, enjoy making and creating – we can’t wait to see what you produce!


The AALL & Create Team

Your Colour Gurus

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