Two days to go - 2019 Collection #2

~~ New Release ~~

2019 Collection #2

Two days to go

Launching on June 13th!!!

We are delighted to be able to finally lift the lid on our second collection of 2019!

We are really proud of what our gifted, international design team has come up with. They have worked hard to stretch themselves and produce work of the highest standard and what amazing designs they have come up with!

This is our ninth collection and the second for 2019, and it features an impressive range of designs. It is always such a pleasure working with the artists on our team; each one has a different style, but each one is as imaginative and creative as the next. And it is always such a thrill to see their ideas made real.

The new AALL & Create collection contains different stamp sets in a variety of sizes, from large A4 to small A7 including A5, A6 and our top selling long border stamps. It's a superb collection with great variety and designs to appeal to everyone. There is an impressive level of design and craftsmanship among the versatile stamps.

Over the next two days we are going to take a closer look at what each of our designers has contributed to this collection, so do keep a look out for these posts, and the lovely samples we have to show you.

Today we are shining the spotlight on two of the most talented and hardest-working designers we know: Tracy Evans & Olga Heldwein

Tracy has a devoted following because of her unique style, full of individuality, which lends itself to such a range of projects.

Olga has an eye for catching the cutest, funniest and most endearing moments in her series of cute designs but she also has great versatility as a designer and also switches to a rich arty style.

With this new collection Tracy has done her usual trick of tapping in to the crafter consciousness and producing must-have designs that people want to work with as soon as they see them.

Let's take a closer look at what delights Tracy has in store for us this time. She has designed two groups of stamps; firstly a group of floral designs comprising two A5 stamps, two border stamps and one A6 stamp, secondly we have another group of three A6 stamps focusing on a mix of designs elements ideal as versatile building blocks for a wide range of projects.

We love the generous A5 format, which has space for some larger images. Tracy's best selling quirky-style flower designs have that edge of coolness that is sometimes missing from floral designs.

With her two A5 stamps (#199 Eclectic Stems and #200 Hope) she is able to stretch out into that slightly bigger space with fantastical flowers and motivational motifs.

The first of Tracy's border stamps designs is stamp #205 Postal Rose, with loose luxuriant lines for the rose, fabulous texture and postal design elements such as postmarks. We can't wait to see how people use this and the way they bring it to life with colour.

Then we have stamp #206 Hexagonal Stem, with a single poppy-like flower against an elegant background motif of tessellating hexagons.

Next we have the first of Tracy's A6 stamp designs, #213 Flourishing Vase. This design has a slightly abstract loose sketchy style with a background and some extra stems to give the stamp versatility.

Tracy's trio of A6 stamps focusing on design elements kicks off with #208 Hexagonal Tiles. It's beautiful snippets of different design styles within the hexagons are perfect for combining with other stamps but would also work well on their own.

Tracy's trio of A6 stamps focusing on design elements kicks off with #208 Hexagonal Tiles. It's beautiful snippets of different design styles within the hexagons are perfect for combining with other stamps but would also work well on their own.

Then #209 Curiosities takes three strong design elements: a shining heart, open wings and a hand dangling a tiny heart, all versatile images to use in a range of projects in combination with other products or to stand on their own.

Lastly we have stamp #210 Background Mash Up, whose deliciously textured background combines text and lines, a very useful product for any crafter to have in their arsenal.

Now let's take a look at what Olga has contributed to this collection...

Her illustrative-style designs are always popular and this time she has some exquisitely detailed designs which would work brilliantly in a variety of different kinds of project.

~~The A4 large stamp set~~ with its tattoo art inspired style has sumptuous blooms and buds as well as steam punk cogs and gears.

~~The A5 stamp set~~ combines floral and geometric elements, including a compass, for a very versatile stamp with motivational mottos.

~~The border stamp set's~~ quirky and fascinating geometric interplanetary shapes and patterns offer up a world of possibilities for different uses.

Take a look at these coloured versions of the stamps which show you some ways of using the designs.

Her CUTE-style designs are always very popular and this time she has some lovely characters to introduce to you.

Three A6 stamp sets with sentiments and adorable characters, including these sweet lazy sloths, funny bunny rabbits and cute monsters, which are fresh, original and very fun.

These designs are the result of a collaboration between Olga Heldwein and her husband and all of the illustrations are hand-drawn.

Again we have some samples to show off how these gorgeous designs can be used. We hope they appeal to you

Tomorrow we will focus on another designer and we will have another Facebook LIVE session with more lovely products and samples so be sure not to miss it!

If you didn't see our LIVE today & yesterday then catch up with them at these links:

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It's bound to be fun!

This collection will be released in just two days on June 13th so make a date in your diary and why not indulge yourself in some shopping?

If you want to find the products on sale, take a look at our stockists list

See you tomorrow with more details!

The AALL & Create Team