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August 11th, 2017

Challenge 1 - Europe!


So here we are; the good ship AALL & Create is ready to set sail for its voyage around the world in five weeks! Climb aboard and you will be in the company of artists from all the continents of the world.

Full steam ahead for the INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT OF ART & CRAFT... ITAC'17!


For the first leg of our journey we are inviting you to set foot in Europe.



...The Face of Printmaking!


Welcome to Europe!


Welcome to the OLD continent, rich in culture and traditions, which through the ages has absorbed multiple influences. Forged by millennia of history, Europe is a community of nations and of different states which have many shared threads of history in common as well as many differences.


Today we will be celebrating this multicultural society with many different its FACES, which is the source of so many great inventions and discoveries that have shaped the world, including PRINTMAKING, which has influenced global TRENDS and undergone many great UPHEAVALS.




If you would like to submit an entry you should create a piece of artwork (Scrapbook Layout, Card, Canvas, Art Journal, Assemblage... or any other project) using whatever format or techniques you want, but it should include some of the following;

  • A face

  • Papers (newspaper, printed paper, rice paper…etc.)

  • Letters, numbers

  • Blue for the colour of the European Union, Union Jack...

  • Ribbon, twine, string or lace…

  • Textures – take inspiration from history from ancient civilisations to the fall of the Berlin Wall

  • Something both vintage and modern


Go CRAZY and treat yourself to some fun: you don't have to include all the suggested elements in the instructions, but why not have some fun seeing how many you can fit in. The more the merrier!

Our jury will also be taking into account - your designs, techniques, how you have expressed the themes... They will be looking for originality and will keeping an eye out for any individual outstanding creations for special awards.

You also have the chance of earning some bonus points;

Get some inspiration by taking a look at the fabulous work of the artists from our EUROPE group; Tracy, Olga, DeeDee, NatalieAlberto and Autour de Mwa


Alberto Juarez - Mini Album

Salvador Dalí has always had a curious relationship with portraits and faces. I was inspired by his eccentricity and the colours of his homeland in making this piece of work. I mixed together colours and textures using a Steampunk style with touches of golden colour. I also included text and letters to bring to mind his fascination with poetry and his relationship with Federico Garcia Lorca

DeeDee Catron - Pamphlet

This little pamphlet embodies everything I love about mixed media & art with a flourish of European style like some Ukrainian text and old world textures.

Natalie May - Scrapbook Layout

It's all about PrintMaking for me (as I LOVE my Gel Press) and all of the challenge elements fitted in just perfect. I incorporated lots of different techniques to create this page, each one different to the other but all working together beautifully.

Olga Haldwein- Mixed Media Canvas

I wanted to try to include all the elements of our challenge in my project. I let myself go with the flow and sat down to work with only a general idea and I love how it has come out!

Tracy Evans - Tray

I was first inspired by a face which I created from clay to represent my love of our multicultural society. I wanted to create a piece that represented us as a society protecting our love of our people within Europe. This is represented by the hand in my artwork, which represents a protective hand, which has many layers inspired by our challenge, including vintage newspaper pieces, lace, hessian, threads, paint layers, European Map, all to create layers to add texture, creating a very tactile piece.

Autour de Mwa - Wooden Panel

I let myself get carried away by my passion for colours and textures when I made this piece of work which combines both modern and vintage elements while keeping a very fresh and abstract style…

Everything which I love!

If you are taking part you will need to;

  • Create a piece of artwork following the theme and instructions for the challenge.

  • Post your work on the AALL & Create Fanatics Facebook group in the Challenge 1 Europe album. Please note that only work posted in the correct albums will be eligible for inclusion.

  • Anyone who does not have a Facebook account but who still wants to take part can do so by posting their work on their own blog or website and emailing the link to or just by mailing us the image of the work.

  • Post your work on your own social networking account pages and/or blogs along with the link for the challenge and the hashtags #itac17 #itac17challenge1 #aallandcreate



There’s only ONE deadline: September 24th, 2017 End of our international tournament.


=> See Alberto’s video where he shares some great tips on the techniques he used to create the beautiful lettering for the title of his mini-album.


You can also check out the tutorial showing how to make the whole mini-album.

=> There is also a very detailed video from DeeDee taking you through her project, as well as some other details and tips.


=> There is also a very detailed video from Natalie taking you through her project, as well as some other details and tips.

=> Olga has an in depth video tutorial for all the subscribers to our Online Classes and Workshops full of insights into the creation of her own fabulous project.

=> There is also a very detailed video from Tracy taking you through her project, as well as some other details and tips.

=> Autour de Mwa has an in depth video tutorial for all the subscribers to our Online Classes and Workshops full of insights into the creation of his own project.

BUT that’s not all! We told you that we would have lots of surprises for everyone:

- This week the AALL & Create team is giving away some sets of the popular ‘Graphic Element’  stamp set (GIVEAWAY HERE)

- Also this week the AALL & Create team is giving away access to your choice of our online workshops (GIVEAWAY HERE)

- Someone can win the original artwork "Curiosity" gifted by the artist Olga (GIVEAWAY HERE)

- To celebrate the launch of ITAC’17, the AALL & Create team is offering you 11% off all their exclusive products when you use the discount code “ITAC17
code valid until midnight GMT, 18th August 2017)

Have fun! We can’t wait to see your creations!


The AALL & Create Team

Your Colour Gurus

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